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FREE Journal Prompts & Writing Checklist

 STORY STARTERS!   These FREE journal prompts are a great little freebie if you are looking for new writing topics for your students.   You can very simply add these writing prompts to your classroom writing center or station, and they are a fabulous way to spark your student’s writing creativity!!   There is an […] Read more…

Writing Lesson for Idea Development - BooBoo Brainstorming Writing Lesson TeacherKarma.com

How to Get Kids to WRITE with the BOOBOO Strategy & Freebie!

Writing:  Strategy for idea development.  TeacherKarma.com Use the BOOBOO Strategy to Get Your Students to Really Write. I have taught first grade, second grade, third grade and fourth grade over the past 17 years. Sometimes journal topics just won’t cut it.     No matter what grade I have had the pleasure to teach writing, one […] Read more…