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7 Reasons You Should Be Using Foldables in Your Classroom

Foldables, interactives, and flip book resources are so much fun to use in the classroom. Beyond the fun, foldables are a great way for your students to organize information in an engaging way. Here are my top 7 reasons to use foldables in the classroom: Students have a sense of ownership in their work that helps them […] Read more…

FREE Poetry Notebook Will Change Your Teaching Life

Interactive Poetry Notebooks are perfect for teaching fluency, sight words, phonics, and my favorite… COMPREHENSION! That’s right. Comprehension. I’ll show you how in a bit. But first, let’s set up the poetry notebook. Setting up a poetry notebook with your kiddos is super simple! The first thing you need to do is gather up either […] Read more…

FREE Rainbow Flip Book Foldable Template TeacherKarma.com

Rainbow Flip Book FREEBIE – 14 Ways to Use It

Using foldables and interactive resources in your classroom is a fabulous way to give students a quick, hands-on activity that will help them organize their thinking or grasp new concepts. Foldables make it super duper simple to differentiate with your kiddos. I LOVE using blank foldables because I can give my advanced learners one assignment, […] Read more…

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