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Nonfiction Sequence Strips Center to Integrate Science and Literacy FREEBIE @

Nonfiction FREEBIE: Sequence Strips!

Nonfiction Sentence Strips You are going to love this reading FREEBIE!   These Nonfiction Sequence Strips integrate Science and literacy.   The strips use science-based text to assist your students in developing scientific inquiry skills, while practicing the important comprehension skill of sequencing. This activity will give your students the opportunity to: Encourage problem-solving skills […] Read more…

FREE Note-Taking Resource & Interactive Notebook Pages

FREE: 6 Box Note-Taking Strategy and Handouts! Works with ANY fiction text.

Shhhhhh! This FREEBIE is just for my followers!   I can’t wait to share my 6 Box Note-Taking Strategy with Interactive Journal Pages with you.  🙂 This FREEBIE is best used with: Interactive Journal Reading Response Journal Writer’s Notebook …however, you can also use these sheets by themselves.   One way that you can use […] Read more…

free making connections to improve reading comprehension

Improve Student’s Comprehension {Text Connections} and FREEBIE!

Let’s talk about…Modeling METACOGNITION and making TEXT CONNECTIONS while reading.  Both of these strategies are some of the most proven strategies we can use to teach comprehension.   While this is pretty easy to say, it is not always so easy to get our students to actually put those connections in place and think deeply about the […] Read more…

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