FREE Clipart for Teachers - Sweet Graphics Kit - 18 pieces

Is it just me, or can you feel that beautiful burst of Spring energy right now?

Here’s the thing, I know how this time of year can feel for teachers. You are sick of EVERYTHING right now. You might need a little inspiration.

Before we get to the teacher clipart, I want to share my 6 favorite things about Spring.

  1. I actually feel more positive. Not sure if its the same for everyone, but I actually feel happier and really smile more in the Spring.
  2. Color is everywhere! Whether it’s wearing brightly colored shoes, finding a beautiful flower, or seeing a rainbow… color is everywhere.
  3. Spring just plain smells good. Ahhh, that beautiful Spring scent. I love smelling flowers, grass growing, fresh air, I could go on and on here.
  4. Spring Break. Need I say more, teachers?
  5. Spending time outside is amazing. There are tons of amazing things to do outdoors in the Spring. Some of my favorites are super simple: walking my dog, swinging on the back patio, reading a book in my favorite lawn chair, riding my bike, and eating popsicles.
  6. Flip flops! Anyone that knows me, knows that I hate wearing real shoes. I am a sandals and flip flops girl. I even have a picture on Instagram of me wearing flip flops in the snow. Click here to see me wearing my favorite bow flip flops in the snow.

This FREE clipart kit is for you teachers that are excited about the arrival of Spring. Yea!!

I wanted to create a graphics freebie for teachers to inspire them to create something special. These graphics are just perfect for your Spring, Summer, or ANY DAY… educational resources and classroom decor.

So here is what you will get with your beautiful new set of clipart:

  • 2 frames
  • bird graphic
  • 4 buntings
  • 3 banners
  • 6 buttons
  • 2 flowers

If you are a blogger or sell educational resources on Teachers Pay Teachers, you may use these graphics for commercial purposes. Please read my TOU (terms of use) included in the download.

Don’t forget to grab your FREE Sweet Teacher Clipart Kit.

I would LOVE to hear your favorite thing about Spring. Please leave me a note in the comments below.

FREE Clipart for Teachers - Sweet Graphics Kit - 18 pieces

Best wishes!


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