FREE Foldable Interactives and Flip BookTemplates Foldables, interactives, and flip book resources are so much fun to use in the classroom. Beyond the fun, foldables are a great way for your students to organize information in an engaging way.

Here are my top 7 reasons to use foldables in the classroom:

  1. Students have a sense of ownership in their work that helps them to invest in the concept or lesson.
  2. Information is organized in a way that makes it easier for students to grasp new concepts.
  3. No more boring worksheets.
  4. Students apply the strategies they are learning.
  5. Engagement far exceeds traditional handouts.
  6. Students use higher level thinking skills to construct the interactives.
  7. You can virtually teach ANYTHING using foldable templates.

Are you new to using interactive notebooks in your classroom? Read this foldables article and grab the free resource attached to find out how to use interactive notebooks successfully.

To set you up, here is a FREE set of Foldable Templates for you to use. They are digital pieces that you will pop into a document and then print. These templates have a super fun style of arrows and hearts.

I do allow these images to be used in your educational resources that you sell on Teachers Pay Teachers. If you use them in your products, please read and follow the TOU (terms of use) included in the download.

FREE Foldable Interactives and Flip BookTemplates

How do you use foldables to inspire students in your classroom? Please leave your ideas in the comment section below.

Best wishes!


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