Christmas foldables

Keep your students motivated

Keeping your kiddos motivated over the holidays can be quite a challenge. It can be difficult getting students to work and stay focused throughout the holiday season.

Many students seen more than a little distracted right now.  They are CRAZY!

We must keep our kiddos moving forward and sometimes even the Elf on the Shelf can’t make it happen. Fortunately, I have a holiday freebie that just might help you out!

Strategies for success

One strategy that was helpful to me when I was in the classroom was foldables! If you are new to foldables, they are an interactive graphic tool that help students to organize their thinking and learning. You can learn more about foldables and interactive notebooks here.

Most students, no matter how combative, usually LOVE working with foldables. I have had unbelievable success using foldables and interactive notebooks with students that typically refuse to even pick up a pencil.

For those hard to reach students, foldables allow them to be creative, step outside of the box, and do things a little bit on “their terms”.

I appreciate the way that foldables encourage students to take ownership of their own learning. Students will fold, cut, glue, and create!

The holidays, especially Christmas, tends to be one of the craziest times of the school year. You can help keep your students engaged in learning by using foldables that focus on holiday traditions, Christmas around the world, or family traditions.

Holiday foldables in action

Another way that I use foldables over the holiday season is during guided reading and reading instruction.  Below are a few examples of Christmas foldables that I created with templates.

christmas interactive notebook holiday activity christmas vocabulary gingerbread foldable

In the spirit of the holidays, I would like to share a gingerbread and a Christmas tree foldable with you. They are blank templates that can be added to a document of your choice. You simply pop the graphic into your document, size as you need, and print!

Don’t forget to grab your free Christmas & Holiday Foldable Templates.

Christmas foldables

If you LOVE the FREE Christmas foldable templates, take a look at the 68 piece Christmas Foldable Templates.

How do use foldables and interactive notebooks over the holidays?

Happy Holidays!


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