steps for teaching word families

Once upon a time there was a cute teacher girl…

But this teacher was totally stuck!  She had tried just about everything to teach her first grade students how to read unknown words.  And above all, she had a lesson observation scheduled with her principal… LIKE NEXT WEEK!!!

Secretly, she started doing a crazy amount of research.  This wasn’t easy either.  Believe it or not, this was before the birth of GOOGLE.

This cute teacher decided that no matter what, she HAD TO LEARN how to teach her newbie readers how to solve unknown words they encountered while reading.

Yea… she knew about phonics.

Yea… she had a specialization in reading.

Yea… she worked for a super poor district that couldn’t afford new materials.

Yea… just, yea…

The odds were against her because not only were these students less than privileged, but English was their second language.  Her students needed a strategy that was simple and to the point.

Fast forward to about 4 days later… that cute but crazy teacher stayed up for days and nights doing her research.

She pulled out her college textbooks on literacy, ESL resources and even made a trip to the public library.

Yes, I said it… LIBRARY!  Not GOOGLE, Library.

What happened?

By adding a little of this strategy and a lot of that strategy…

She discovered a SUPER SIMPLE STRATEGY for teaching students how to read unknown words by teaching word families.

Yes, teachers, there is a certain way that you teach word families.  And it is soooo much easier and simpler than you thought.

I am super excited to share my FREE mini ebook.  And when I say “mini”, I mean mini.  You will read it super fast and just take off.

Teaching Word Families: 4 SUPER SIMPLE STEPS


word family anchor chart



Best part, when you download the FREE mini-ebook, there is also a link to an additional FREE word family product.

Please leave a message below to tell me what you think.

Best wishes!


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