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Hey teachers!  Do your lessons sometimes look like a HOT MESS?

Ugly classroom lessons and activities don’t get a lot of LOVE.

Most of the time, it just makes sense for teachers to quickly put together an educational activity.

Face it, we’re short on TIME and MONEY!

Finding the perfect clipart and graphics can totally be time consuming and expensive too!

Although I understand, I cringe a little inside when I see lessons, activities and centers that lack pizazz… (especially when they’re my lessons)  

NLOL!  For those of you that don’t know, that means NOT LAUGHING OUT LOUD.  

And yes.  I did just make that up 5 minutes ago.  Now, thats… LOL!

A simple set of graphics can add visually interesting and engaging content to your lessons.

The thing is… the graphics and clipart really have to work together.  Otherwise, it just looks like a hot mess!

make your lessons look good

For example, teachers, you should have…

  • borders
  • frames
  • digital papers, etc.

…that all work together.

To help COOL your lessons off a bit, I have a freebie that will make you and your students SMILE.

FREE (forever FREEBIE) Alphabet / Plastic Letters Graphics Kit.

This free graphics resource includes the following:

  • frames
  • shape frame
  • border
  • banner
  • digital paper
  • and… this is a biggie, teachers… task card TEMPLATE!

And by the way, I do allow this free graphic resource to be used in your commercial products.

But, please take a moment to read my Terms of Use Policy.  Don’t worry.  It is included in the free download.

free teacher graphics

FREE Alphabet & Plastic Letter Graphics for Teachers.

Do you have any suggestions or ideas for making classroom lessons and activities look good?  Please leave your answer in the comments below.

Best wishes!


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