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Most educators are aware of the fact that our students must become fluent readers to be able to deeply comprehend the text.

We also know that keeping up with fluency progress is a must with students that are struggling in this area.

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I have some FREE fluency progress monitoring tools for you today, but let’s back up just a bit.  
If a student repeatedly has to sound out words, stumble over common sight words, and pick apart grade level appropriate words… will they be able to comprehend what they are reading?
The answer is likely a big fat NO.  
Tracking the speed and accuracy of reading fluency seems to be the “go-to” for many teachers….
So now, if your student is able to smoothly read grade level appropriate words at an acceptable rate, what else should we consider when working on reading fluency?

Reading prosody can simply be defined as expression and phrasing that contributes to meaning while reading aloud.
Here are my top five questions I ask when I am observing reading prosody in a student:
  • Did the student’s inflection reflect the punctuation of the text?
  • Did the student use appropriate vocal tones to show happiness, fear, confusion, etc. while reading a narrative text?
  • Did the student place an emphasis on certain words when necessary?
  • Did the student’s voice rise and fall periodically while reading?
  • Did the student pause at appropriate times to show meaning?
FREE Progress Monitoring Forms for Fluency ~ TeacherKarma
I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on fluency assessment and interventions. 
Best wishes!


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