Fact and opinion is one of those concepts that I honestly never spent that much time teaching. 

Basically, I would spend a couple of class periods on it and then move forward…it just never seemed like that big of a deal.

A few years ago I went to a really cool summer reading conference and the presenter shared with us how students must be able to distinguish between fact and opinion, as well as claim their own facts and opinions on a topic…if they want to be able to truly analyze the text.  

So after listening to the presenter, I did a little of my own research in several professional resources, (and yup…Google!) and here is what an elementary student needs to be able to do with fact and opinion:
  • understand the definition of both fact and opinion
  • distinguish between a fact and an opinion
  • analyze the text based on the topic facts and opinions of the author
  • understand the author’s perspective
  • understand the character’s perspective
  • interpret both facts and opinions
Being able to correctly identify and distinguish between fact and opinion will help students to improve their overall reading comprehension skills.

FACT:  something done or said in the past or present; it can be proven

OPINION:  a belief, opinion or idea

The Fact & Opinion FREEBIE comes with the following resources:
  • Fact & Opinion anchor chart
  • Fact & Opinion Organizer
  • Fact & Opinion Pictures: Ice Cream
Please click here, or on the graphic below to get your FREE fact and opinion resources.

If the FREE resource is a good fit for your classroom, I also have a full-product resource that you may be interested:  Fact & Opinion Flower Power!

The 81 page Fact & Opinion Flower Power Kit  comes with the following reading resources:
  • Fact & Opinion anchor chart / poster
  • Fact & Opinion organizer that can be used for both fiction and nonfiction
  • Fact & Opinion Pictures center activities:
    • Ice Cream
    • Apple
    • Fish
    • Tree
    • Basketball
    • Snowman
    • Toothbrush
    • Sunflower
    • Donut
    • Mailbox
    • Blank to add your own
  • Is That A Fact? Cut & glue activities:
    • Lunchroom version
    • Flower version
    • Playground version
  • 4 Square Fact Chart
  • 4 Square Opinion Chart
  • Understanding the Difference Between Fact & Opinion activity
  • Card game:  What’s the Difference?
  • Fact or Opinion Card Game ~ Flower Power Edition
  • Fact or Opinion Cards ~ Lunchroom Edition
  • Fact & Opinion Key Words
  • 3 Multiple choice assessments with answer keys
What is your favorite strategy for teaching fact and opinion?

Best wishes!


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