FREE Vocabulary:  Synonyms are SWEET!
FREE:  Synonyms are SWEET!  ~ Vocabulary FUN

Synonyms are SWEET!  Most classrooms across the country are hard at work on comprehension!  

Vocabulary activity:  FREEBIE!  Synonyms are SWEET!
Synonyms are SWEET ~ FREE!!!
Synonym Sensation ~ FREEBIE vocabulary printable.
Synonym Sensation ~ FREEBIE!

At the root of all comprehension is… vocabulary… academic vocabulary!

Our kiddos must FEEL CONFIDENT with being able to read difficult text and using effective strategies to find meaning.

If our students do not understand the meaning of words, or how to find the meaning of words, they unfortunately, will not be able to have a deep understanding of the text.

So, we have to provide students with a multitude of vocabulary strategies.

The Synonyms are SWEET! freebie comes from my new vocabulary kit:  

You don’t have to buy my Vocabulary Connections Kit to use many of the same strategies and organizers.  

{Keep reading to get your FREEBIE!}  

Here is a peek at my newest vocabulary product:

Improve vocabulary ~ improve comprehension!
To get your free product, Synonyms are SWEET!, please click here or on the graphic below.
Best wishes!


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