FREE: CLOSE Reading strategy and graphic organizer for the elementary reading classroom.
CLOSE READING seems to be one of the biggest buzz words in education right now.
So, what exactly is CLOSE READING, and why should I use it in my classroom??
Reading CLOSELY helps students to uncover layers of text meaning, that will in turn, help them to have a clearer understanding and DEEP COMPREHENSION of the text.
Students learn to analyze complex text while reading and rereading.  By following a sequence of strategies, students will better comprehend central ideas and key supporting details. 
While students reflect on the text, they will also take notice of the meaning of individual words, sentences, and overall ideas throughout the text.
Below is a visual I created to show the process of starting with individual words and moving towards the bigger meaning of the text.  This printable is not included in this freebie.  The Start Reading UP CLOSE graphic is included in my full-product download.
CLOSE Reading strategy and graphic organizer for the elementary reading classroom.
How to teach CLOSE Reading
There are just about a million slightly different versions of CLOSE READING! 
Below is my rendition of how students can attack the text by using CLOSE READING: 
1.  Read Carefully & Get the Gist
  • What is the text mainly about?
  • What questions are you asking yourself?
  • What do you notice right away?
  • Circle words that you don’t understand.
  • Use context clues to figure out unknown words.

2.  Read Again & Dig Deeper

  • Why did the author write the text?
  • What text features stand out?
  • Underline key vocabulary words.
  • Summarize the text.
3.  Read One Last Time & Think
  • What inferences did you make about the text?
  • What connections did you make to the text?
  • Use the text to answer questions.
  • Gather text evidence from the text.
FREE: CLOSE Reading strategy and graphic organizer for the elementary reading classroom.
CLOSE Reading ~ free resources
While you want your students to reread and generally follow a procedure for reading the text closely, it is important to not get too caught up in the steps.
When you first teach your students how to CLOSE READ, you will want them to all practice using the specific steps you are facilitating.  However, once your students get the hang of using CLOSE READING, you may want to make a few changes.
What I mean about “changes” with the CLOSE READING, is that some students may need to add a few steps, take out a few steps, or even alter the sequence.  
Making a change to the CLOSE READING steps is okay.  Really!  As long as there is a purpose for altering the sequence, it will actually benefit your students… just start out teaching the CLOSE READING strategy in the same way to all of your students. You can make adjustments later.
FREE: CLOSE Reading strategy and graphic organizer for the elementary reading classroom.
Above, you will find one of the student handouts that I have included in my freebie!
This CLOSE READING chart may be used to help your students with taking notes during the process.
I have seen a huge boost in comprehension with using this CLOSE READING chart!  You can have students use it independently, or have them work in partners.  
They can take notes with each rereading of the text. 
This CLOSE READING chart is very helpful if you sometimes use text that your students can not write on.
For example, you can use the CLOSE READING strategy with your Social Studies textbook articles.  
Since our kiddos can’t write in the Social Studies textbook, this chart is perfect!    
I will be blogging about CLOSE READING over the next coming weeks, so please check back again for more information and FREEBIES!
My free product is below, but first, here is a link to my 74 page full-product CLOSE READING download.  
If the freebie in this post is a good fit for you, check out my CLOSE READING & Using Text Evidence Unit.
Thank you so much!  Please click here, or on the graphic below to get your CLOSE READING freebie!
Best wishes!


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