Ahhhh, Pinterest.  I don’t think life would be the same without the amazing Pinterest!

I love pinterest
I LOVE Pinterest

I want to share with you how to create a Pinterest collaborative board.  It has been very useful to me as an educator to share my pins and gain followers.

In fact, Pinterest has reported that over 500,000 teaching and education ideas are pinned every single day.  Wow! 

I honestly have to admit that I spend time on Pinterest daily.  It is so inspiring… and addicting… and amazing!

When you create a new board on Pinterest you have the ability to decide if only you will pin to the board or you can invite others to pin to the board along with you.

Pinterest Collaborative Boards
Pinterest Collaborative Pinboards

Most people actually just go solo in the pinning department, but a collaborative Pinterest board is actually very useful in many situations.

Now you may be wondering, what is the difference between collaborative boards, shared boards, community boards and contributor boards?  Absolutely nothing.  They have plenty of nicknames, but they are all the same. 

At this time Pinterest doesn’t really give us a way to only search for collaborative boards.  You will have to look out for the group icon at the top of the Pinterest Collaborative board.

Pinterest Collaborative Board

So, why would you want to create a collaborative board and ask others to help contribute?  Since Teacher Karma is pretty much designed for teachers, homeschoolers and parents, I will keep my focus in that area:

  • Share holiday or seasonal ideas. This is actually one of the most used type of collaborative board.
  • Plan and contribute ideas for an educational event, such as a Family Literacy Night, Book Club or after school tutoring.
  • Connect with other teachers and maybe even gain a few new followers.
  • Lesson planning with a group of teachers, maybe your grade level campus team.
  • My favorite:  If you sell or buy products on Teachers Pay Teachers, you can help share your paid and free products by pinning and sharing to a collaborative pinboard.

Now, on to how to actually create and use a Pinterest collaborative pinboard.  
    1. Start out by going to your personal Pinterest page. Here is an example of mine:
      Pinterest board
    2. Click on Create a Board.
    3. Name your Pinterest board. Think about what words a person would type to search on that topic.
    4. Select a board category:  This is actually pretty important. When a person is searching on a certain topic, the category will help guide them to (hopefully) your pin.  Most of the time my category is education.
    5. Now, Who Can Pin?  You have *Just Me and *Me + Contributors. Select Me + Contributors.  
    6. You can either type in a person’s email address or their Pinterest ID and then click on the Invite button.
    7. Pinterest will send the person a message and the person can either accept or decline the invitation.
    8. You now have a Pinterest Collaborative Pinboard.  Invite your friends and have fun pinning!
How have Pinterest collaborative pinboards impacted you, your teaching or your TPT life?


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